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GM confirms delays in delivering new Caprice PPV models

The duPont register has an interesting article that talks about some of the reasons behind the lack of Caprice PPVs on our streets. According to the article, shipping delays from Australia, combined with delays at the dealer, are the main contributing factors. Fortunately, it looks as though GM is addressing the problem, which should lead to more PPVs being seen around town soon. (hopefully)

2012 Caprice PPV First Drive by Autoblog

Autoblog has a nice article up about the 2012 Caprice PPV, including some first hand experience behind the wheel. Also included is some interesting info about specific changes GM has made to lower maintenance costs, including such items as making the entire front clip easily removable.

2012 Impala 9C1 reaches 150MPH top speed

Due primarily to a new V6 engine, the 2012 Impala has been rated at a 150MPH top speed in the Michigan State Patrol's most recent round of testing. Additionally, the Caprice PPV put up some impressive numbers, including improved braking times as well as the overall top speed record at 154MPH. See more information via GM's Press Release.

First 2011 Caprice PPVs hit the street.

According to this article, the new, 2011 Caprice PPVs have officially arrived. So far just the detective (9C3) version has been delivered, with the 'official' 9C1 due later in the year.

Video: Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle Evaluation - January 2011

A short, GM promotional video for the new Chevrolet Caprice PPV, filmed in Phoenix, AZ in January, 2011.

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1985 Impala 9C1 on eBay with 153 original miles

Here's an interesting listing on eBay (currently expired) for a 1985 Impala 9C1 with 153 original miles.

Credit to the 9C1 mailing list on Yahoo Groups for finding this. One has to wonder what condition the car is in after so many years of obviously sitting in storage. Also, the seller noted that he had to rechrome the bumper and repaint one of the fenders, which is likely a good indication the car has some rust. One also has to wonder what the reserve is if the final bid of $10,000 wasn't enough.

Still, an interesting find, nonetheless.

2011 Caprice PPV (SIRENNET)

Interesting video showing a pre-production version of the 2011 Caprice PPV.

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GM Heritage Center 9C1 material

Thanks to the helpful folks over at the GM Heritage Center, we've been able to obtain several PDFs of original literature on various 9C1s. I will be uploading them over the next few days and creating a dedicated page for them.

We have over 100MB of PDFs and I will be creating a dedicated section for them on this site in the next few days. In the mean time, enjoy a preview with this 1989 Chevrolet Caprice 9C1 Sales Brochure!

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